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Enerdesigns Media Group is an independent publisher and can help you design, print and publish your next magazine, newspaper, booklet or book.

In addition, we are the proud publishers of Two Mundos Magazine – a high-end, regional-glossy, urban lifestyle, bilingual magazine for the elite and cosmopolitan Latino, international Spanish-speaking and American consumer market either bilingual (English and Spanish) or interested in having the best of bilingual lifestyle. Our market directly reaches the Washington, D.C. and metro area, South Florida and Los Angeles areas, in addition to select parts of New York, Madrid and Latin America.

For more information on Two Mundos please visit:


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Some of our clients include:

  • AeroSur Airlines
  • Airline Capital Leasing
  • Alto Plaza Restaurant & Lounge
  • Arrow Air
  • Bolivia Fone / Telesur
  • Cadillac
  • Chamber of Commerce / City of Madrid
  • Clear Channel
  • Direct TV / Telecel
  • El Grande Supermarket
  • Ferguson
  • Festival Salvadoreñisimo
  • Fortune International Development
  • Fuente & Neuman Cigars
  • Iberia Airlines
  • Infiniti USA
  • Lamborghini of Miami
  • MCN Development
  • Mervis Diamond
  • Miami Fashion Week
  • Natural Color Diamond Association
  • Palau Association (DC Festival)
  • Pan Am Supermarket
  • Reliance Aviation
  • Rio Grande Foods
  • Rio Hotel & Casino
  • Six Flags America
  • Sprint
  • Telemundo
  • Tourneau
  • Mundos Magazine
Offices: Washington, D.C. // Miami, Fla. // Los Angeles, Ca. // Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Corporate Tel. 703-286-5860 // E-mail: sales@enerdesigns.com
Advertising & PR: www.enerdesigns.com // Publishing: www.twomundos.com